Chromat – New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week! A week of craziness, tired feet, but mostly, a time of amazing talent and hard work going out on the runways and being presented to the people of all sectors of the Fashion Industry. The time everyone in the industry awaits, and certainly, my favorite time of the year. Thankfully, I had the … Continue reading Chromat – New York Fashion Week


Game Day Style- Fanatics

Sports fans undergo gigantic levels of stress routing for our favorite team, hoping everything goes well, but even things don't, our favorite team will always be our favorite team in our hearts, no matter what! And for all of the fashionable fans out there that believe a game day outfit should be more than just … Continue reading Game Day Style- Fanatics

Spectacle Soul Mate: Warby Parker x 826 Collection

A book could be written about the struggles of people with bad eyesight. I for one would be an advocator of this book, since I am as blind as a bat. We all have probably heard of that one child at the doctor’s office who faked bad eyesight just to wear glasses. The doctor thought … Continue reading Spectacle Soul Mate: Warby Parker x 826 Collection

K. Nicole Runway Recap- NYFW

I awaited K.Nicole's New York Fashion Week SS15 show like no other... After attending last season's show, and interviewing the ladies behind this label twice, I couldn't wait to see what was in store for this flourishing and unique label. After our interview, Nicole nodded to concepts, colors, fabrics, and prints that would be seen … Continue reading K. Nicole Runway Recap- NYFW

Interview with K. Nicole Couture

September is a month defined by mixed opinions… it can represent the start of something new, the start of something many people dread (if you don’t know what I’m hinting, it’s school), new beginnings, or it is just another month in our life. But in the fashion world, September is a month anticipated all year… … Continue reading Interview with K. Nicole Couture

Did This Actually Happen?

Yes. Yes it did. I am still utterly and completely dumbfounded that this happened. What are the odds? But actually, what is this that I am talking about inadvertently and not giving any clues about? Well. On my incredible trip to London (and please don't shame me for not writing much about it yet. It … Continue reading Did This Actually Happen?

Mix It Up

Hope everyone had a great Easter. I'm sure we can all agree it's hard not to resist that tempting urge to eat Lindt mini chocolate eggs and Peeps... Live a little and enjoy the spirit of the holidays! To balance out a look, make sure you don't have too many pieces pertaining to a certain … Continue reading Mix It Up

Manicure Madness

Real talk...Without nicely manicured and groomed nails, I don't feel clean and presentable. There's nothing I enjoy more than feeling presentable from head to toe, all the way to the minute details. Nails are a factor that pulls in the entire look. They can change your entire ensemble! Nail color trends vary from season to … Continue reading Manicure Madness

New York Fashion Week: Milly by Michelle Smith and Katya Leonovich

Long overdue... Fashion month is far back in our calendars, but we still hold memories of the great work presented in every city. During New York Fashion Week, I got the chance to attend the Milly by Michelle Smith show, once again, and the Katya Leonovich show. I adored the Milly show. The collection presented … Continue reading New York Fashion Week: Milly by Michelle Smith and Katya Leonovich

Fashion Talk: Joseph Altuzarra

Hello everyone. A few weeks ago, I received an email from the French Institute Alliance Française. Once I opened it, by delight I saw they were holding fashion related events. I snagged a pair of tickets for A Fashion Talk. Best thing of all were the guest speakers... Joseph Altuzarra and Marc Holgate. If you … Continue reading Fashion Talk: Joseph Altuzarra