Lee Jean Youn NYFW

Lee Jean Youn’s debut show at New York Fashion Week portrayed New York’s multifaceted image, and his unique creativity. In essence, New York is a blending pot of everything you can imagine; Lee Jean Youn’s collection reflected this famous city, while always keeping his distinct image he has set for himself as a designer.
The lights started, and music reminiscent of Paris was playing. Then came out the first model, prancing slowly with personality and attitude. With just the very beginning of the show, the extreme fierceness that Lee Jean Youn creates was evidently, evident.
The looks presented at his show beautifully showed Nature vs. the City through the diverse materials and looks. He mixed all types of fabric, and it all worked harmoniously, and ingeniously. Although the looks had an avant-garde runway look, when picked alone, many items (such as jackets, skirts, and bags) were very wearable.
In a sense, Lee Jean Youn’s FW14 collection was making fun of preconceptions set forth by society. How can nature and the wild be found in the middle of a city? Through his creations, Lee Jean Youn showed that elements not normally found in this modern metropolis can always be found if one takes a look to observe the world around us. Many will think, “Ugh! Denim? That can only be used in jeans. Nothing else.” Lee Jean Youn challenged this preconception, and created a full denim gown. Personally, it took me a while to notice that this stunning gown was made of denim. He made this denim resemble the fabrics used for Indian Saris. That’s something mindboggling!
Lee Jean Youn also took a modern approach on classic shapes in this collection, perfect for the trendy creative woman who wants to make a huge statement, whilst looking very classy. His shoes and bags created a continuity and flow in the collection. The same style shoe, a spiked sandal heel, was used for every look, with different variations of color, etc. These bags and shoes were all so utterly fabulous, and they perfectly showed every New York woman’s intenseness.
Lee Jean Youn’s debut on NYFW was quite remarkable, and being able to witness this was an experience I will never forget. The future is only looking more and more positive for this incredible designer.

Here are a few of my favorite looks.








The denim gown.



And what did I wear?

Oooh… The fun yet stressful part about Fashion Week. What will one wear? Gah.
On this appallingly cold Friday, I decided to wear a peplum straight skirt I made. Thank you Mood for the amazing Italian purple and black tweed, and the gorgeous black faux suede to make my skirt! I paired this skirt with an American Apparel cropped velvet top. Then, to beat the cold, I wore a cape jacket from Zara, and black thick tights from Jcrew. I finished the look with a Phillip Lim for Target bag that picked up the purple from my skirt, some Aquatalia black booties, a black Moschino scarf, and a vintage hair flower piece from Paris. Mixing new with vintage creates a personalized and original look.




Stay Tuned for more NYFW coverage!
Ana Maria


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